[Newsroom] Sentience Rebranding Story Unveiled by Designer

Bryan Bryan

Our in-house brand designer, Bryan Jhung, oversees the brand design for Sentience and TentuPlay. Holding a BFA in Advertising Design, he previously served as a digital designer at a creative agency in San Francisco, CA. With valuable experience working with major clients such as Google and YouTube, ...

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[Gameshow Review] G-STAR2023, the Biggest Game Show in Korea

Sabrina Sabrina

Gameshow Review: Experience the excitement of gameshows with TentuPlay. Sabrina, the TentuPlay team lead, and Eunji, the service planner, explore the exciting attractions of G-STAR 2023, the biggest game show in Korea, and share their experiences in this review.

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[Newsroom] Top 10 Finalist at Gamescom Asia Pitch: South Pole Bebop

Eunryoung Eunryoung

Sentience Game Studio has been announced as one of the ten finalists for the 'Gamescom Asia Pitch', which is an event hosted by Global Top Round, a global game startup accelerator. Sentience Game Studio is the only Korean game studio to have made it to the final Top 10, and last week, we took part ...

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[Gameshow Review] gamescom2023: Feel the Vibe of Cologne!

Hyeyon Hyeyon

Gameshow Review: Experience the excitement of gameshows with TentuPlay. This time, we visited gamescom2023.

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[Gameshow Review] The Largest Indie Gameshow in Korea: Busan Indie Connect Festival 2023

Kiyoon Kiyoon

Gameshow Review: Experience the excitement of gameshows with TentuPlay. Intro: 'South Pole Bebop' Heading to BIC2023 The 9th annual Busan Indie Connect Festival (BIC) concluded successfully on the 27th. BIC is a global festival for indie game developers and gamers, partnering with various game ...

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A Recap of TentuPlay’s October Activities in Southeast Asia.

Merdy Merdy

Pandemic control restrictions make offline events and events difficult to host. Several areas and countries have entered the endemic stage of the COVID-19 outbreak, creating opportunities for businesses to connect offline. Almost three years have passed since TentuPlay has engaged with other games ...

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