TentuPlay’s unique coding assessment

Yujin Yujin

How are you preparing to be a developer? If you’ve been working on algorithms and data structures, turn your attention here. The TentuPlay development team assesses candidates through a unique coding assessment, which it has created on its own. With the shortage of developers these days, many have ...

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Enhanced-gameplay Lokapala with TentuPlay AI In-game Shop

Jaea Jaea

Game YouTuber ‘Viano Gaming’ with 1.29 million subscribers reviewed the game "Lokapala" using TentuPlay. Lokapala delivered personalized offers to users based on their persona through TentuPlay's AI In-game Shop! Let's take a look at TentuPlay's behavioral economics AI through Viano Gaming's ...

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TENTUPLAY's v2021.4 SDK is released!

Hyeyon Hyeyon

TentuPlay is releasing our new v2021.4 SDK to integrate the AI In-Game Shop with the console more easily! You can identify what personas are playing your game and send users, by persona, tips and items that they want automatically!

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‘Business Strategies of the Metaverse Era’ at PGC Digital#7 (Preview)

Eunkyoung Eunkyoung

TENTUPLAY Presenting “Business Strategies of the Metaverse Era” at PGC Digital #7 'PGC Digital #7', a conference held by the global mobile game media Pocket Gamer, was held online last week (July 12th~July/16th), The conference was attended by not only important gaming industry companies such as ...

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The Next Chapter of The Wild West's Metaverse


The Near Future From the Platforms and Users’ Perspective While the Metaverse will eventually find its ultimate form that we have seen in movies and novels, this is a process which will take time.

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