What does a Growth Project Manager do?

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* The TentuPlay People series introduces the roles and responsibilities of the staff at TentuPlay (Sentience, Inc.). This time, we met the Growth Project Manager, Merdy!

Merdy is the Growth Project Manager of Sentience and is in charge of Product/Feature end-to-end development while also working closely with our partners to improve our products. He has over 4 years of experience in product management and data science, especially in turning data into personalized user interfaces and user flows. He has earned a bachelor's degree in Engineering from Institut Teknologi Bandung (Indonesia). Read on for more from Merdy.

  1. growth, data, project, skills, tentuplay, time, communication, sentience
  2. Q. Hi, Merdy! Could you please introduce yourself?

Hi, my name is Merdy. I am a certified data scientist and just completed my master’s degree in Industrial and Information System Engineering in South Korea. Last year, I ranked 2nd on Silicon Valley Innovation and Startup 2021. Right now, I am working full-time in TentuPlay (Sentience, Inc)

Sustainable learning is my passion. I believe that learning something new every day is a good thing. Since I graduated with a master’s degree in IT, I have been learning Cloud Development and practicing my Korean skills in my free time.

  1. growth, data, project, skills, tentuplay, time, communication, sentience

    Q. What does a Growth Project Manager do?

Growing revenue and profits is a core objective of most companies, even startups. In Sentience, I typically live at the intersection of product development and business development (sales, marketing) which focus on customer acquisition, retention, and upsell.

I work cross-functionally with engineering, design, data science, product, operations, and marketing to design and execute growth strategies. In my day-to-day work, I am focused on three core activities: defining the company’s growth plan; coordinating and implementing growth initiatives; and optimizing the funnel.


  1. Q. What are your key responsibilities at Tentuplay?

As a growth goalkeeper, I am responsible for designing and implementing tests in each funnel. Then based on that, I prioritize growth initiatives and product changes based on customers’ insights and data. Lastly, I produced insight by blending data with a deep understanding of user needs, habits, and perceptions developed through targeted interviews, usability studies, and customer feedback. Therefore, I also spare some time to make sure the right data infrastructure is in place, then leverage them to build our own custom data infrastructure, hoping to help me make the decision.

  1. Q. I am curious as to how you start and finish each project. Could you tell us a little about how you approach new projects?

In approaching new projects, I need strong solid data and research. Data is the fuel of the growth function and growth teams invest a significant share of their resources to create the infrastructure that enables analysis of user behavior, scientific experimentation and targeted advertisements. While research is supporting the data by providing sentimental and quantitative information. Using those two, I can create a project roadmap that has clear parameters and tolerances at every stage. On top of that, good risk management is essentially needed: if the downside is manageable, by definition I can move faster and try new things in pursuit of your well-defined goals.

growth, data, project, skills, tentuplay, time, communication, sentience

  2. Q. I am sure it was a bumpy ride while overlooking myriad projects. What were some memorable difficulties that you overcame?

TentuPlay’s webinar was my first time organizing such a big event in less than one month, and it was my most memorable project at Sentience. Without any knowledge of the gaming industry and the Korean landscape in general, I found numerous hiccups here and there. Using my limited Korean communication skills, I collaborated with internal and external parties, then using collaborative visualization, came up with ways to make up for my lack of Korean skills, ultimately resulting in good communication. The webinar was attended by almost 300 people, and I learned that my Korean skills need to be improved. It was a bittersweet reminder for me to work on my Korean skills.


  1. Q. How do you approach projects that have poor user satisfaction that leads to low user retention?

In my experience, when I see a sudden decrease, I try to focus on the positive side before making decisions. Positive thinking clears cloudy judgments and helps focus on the end goal instead of the task itself.

My goal is to find out what the root cause is and what we missed when user satisfaction or results are low, using multiple methods, and putting it on learning documentation so we can improve our service level.

Lastly, there is no failure in the experiment other than the learning curve. As Jeff Bezos (2017) said that modern technology has a unique ‘inseparable twin’, fast failure and invention.


Q. I see you have many Indonesian projects. Can you tell me more about Indonesia Gaming’s market?

In 2022, Indonesia will generate US$980.90M in game, making it one of the most interesting markets in the world. Indonesia's game industry has faced tremendous growth in the past year, making it a strong force in its economic recovery following the latest COVID-19 outbreak. Due to the massive shift in user behavior towards gaming, the e-gaming industry serves as a beacon of hope for the nation's economy to flourish in the years to come. Moreover, Indonesians speak hundreds of languages, not to mention a wide range of tribal groups and cultures that contribute to its uniqueness. With Indonesia's gaming industry expanding, TentuPlay has the opportunity to contribute to the Indonesian gaming landscape by offering the right tool to Gaming Developers and Publishers. This will enable them to personalize their approach to their diverse fans.


Q. Do you have any personal stories with Indonesia Gaming Companies?

Since the last time I worked in Indonesia, especially during COVID-19, there have been a lot of positive changes. As the overall supply and demand for the Internet of Things (esp. gaming) has increased, the people behind it have become more competent. From Indonesia’s folklore games to heavy action-packed arcade games, I have only had the pleasure of speaking with many Indonesian gaming companies this year.

While engaging with Indonesia’s Gaming companies, I found the diversity of user behavior fascinating from my personal perspective. When compared to other countries, Indonesians have complicated behavior patterns. I am surprised by TentuPlay’s behavioral economics AI engine’s ability to perform well enough to use it to make suggestions & action items for the game developers.

As for the supply side, I have to admit that Games from Indonesia can compete with other big-budget International companies in terms of gameplay, performance, and even graphics. There is, however, more to making a game than just technical aspects; business is also essential. I’ve seen that many Indonesian developers are having problems growing their business, specifically in retention and churn. After talking with a dozen representatives, they made me appreciate their thirst for knowledge and suggestions for improving their game, which makes my job easier. 😀 Since then, I have enjoyed working closely with Indonesian gaming companies as an individual and TentuPlay’s touch point. Their inputs were relevant, and I can use them to improve our features as well that in the end, to improve their business metrics.


  1. Q. Could you share some of your “next steps” at Tentuplay as a Growth Project Manager?

My current focus is creating special funnels that enable new customers to learn about TentuPlay in less than three minutes. In order to optimize this funnel, I am combining my data expertise, content marketing, and product knowledge. It will be interesting to see how this will work out in the near future.


growth, data, project, skills, tentuplay, time, communication, sentience

  1. Q. Tell us a little about your proudest moments or perks at Tentuplay

I can leverage Sentience’s culture and the absence of hierarchy for my personal development. Open discussion and frictionless ideation processes are two of them.

Sentience generates ideas with lightning speed, every idea is well documented in the backlog of the product and growth team, as well as reviewed by the business team each month. Sentience also offers me the opportunity to work with a multinational team that can challenge my communication skills.


  1. Q. Last question of the day: Could you please share your overarching long-term mission/vision as a core member of the Tentuplay team?

In my capacity as a growth guy, I’d like to see TentuPlay used by all game companies. Additionally, creating environments such as games developers or publishers can engage or even banter across time zone and language every day in TentuPlay’s platform.



This brings us to the end of the interview with our Growth Project Manager, Merdy. Thank you for your time, Merdy. Do look forward to the next post of TentuPlay People! 🤗

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