Enhanced-gameplay Lokapala with TentuPlay AI In-game Shop

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Game YouTuber ‘Viano Gaming’ with 1.29 million subscribers reviewed the game "Lokapala" using TentuPlay. Lokapala delivered personalized offers to users based on their persona through TentuPlay's AI In-game Shop! Let's take a look at TentuPlay's behavioral economics AI through Viano Gaming's Lokapala review video and explanation.

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Lokapala is a multiplayer online battle arena(MOBA) game developed by Indonesian game developer Anantarupa Studio. It is inspired by Indonesian culture and introduces unsung historical and mythical heroes in Indonesia.


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TentuPlay improves the retention rate and revenue by providing personalized offers that are perfect for each user through behavioral data analysis. TentuPlay's AI In-game Shop automatically generates messages about items and benefits that suit each user's playstyle and recommends items and strategies. Let's take a look at TentuPlay's AI In-game Shop in VianoGaming's Lokapala review video.


lokapala<Source: YouTube VianoGaming https://youtu.be/yFk-ltjr1Bc>


TentuPlay’s AI automatically generates and sends item recommendations tailored for each user. In the Lokapala game, the message was delivered in ‘Special Offer.’

<Source: YouTube VianoGaming https://youtu.be/yFk-ltjr1Bc>


TentuPlay’s AI identifies users into 28 personas and recommends in-game items and strategies based on each user's playstyle.


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<Source: YouTube VianoGaming https://youtu.be/yFk-ltjr1Bc>


TentuPlay recommends the right product to the right person at the right time. Unlike intrusive pop-ups or mass-produced promotions, players are automatically given the most relevant offer to have a better gaming experience.


lokapala, TentuPlay, Lokapalalokapala, TentuPlay, Lokapala<Source: YouTube VianoGaming https://youtu.be/yFk-ltjr1Bc>


With TentuPlay, users can have more fun, play longer, and game developers and publishers can maximize user LTV.

Through the review of the game YouTube influencer VianoGaming, we were able to see the synergy created by Lokapala and TentuPlay. TentuPlay continues to develop products such as AI In-game Shop, Personalized Offers, Analytics, and AI players. Make a successful game where players can have more fun with TentuPlay!

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