GDC Week Recap: South Pole Bebop’s Highlights

Join us for a journey through GDC week, from CourageXL to the Post-Awards Expo Party. Here are details of the events, our preparations, on-site reactions, and future plans.

Natalia Kim
Game Marketer

[Newsroom] Sentience Rebranding Story Unveiled by Designer

Brand designer Bryan from TentuPlay shares the rebranding story firsthand. Discover the meaning behind the logos of Sentience and TentuPlay.

Bryan Jhung
Brand Designer

[Gameshow Review] G-STAR2023, the Biggest Game Show in Korea

TentuPlay(Sentience) participated in G-Star, the biggest game show in Korea, on November 16th in Busan and shares the lively atmosphere of the event.

Soungbok Youn
TentuPlay Team Lead

[Newsroom] Top 10 Finalist at Gamescom Asia Pitch: South Pole Bebop

'South Pole Bebop', developed by Sentience Game Studio, is a top 10 finalist in the 'Gamescom Asia Pitch' in 2023. We captured the lively pitch.

Eunryoung Oh
PR Manager

[Gameshow Review] gamescom2023: Feel the Vibe of Cologne!

Sentience, who was chosen as a speaker for devcom in 2019, attended gamescom2023 this year as a visitor. Experience the vibrant atmosphere.

Hyeyon Kwon

[Gameshow Review] The Largest Indie Gameshow in Korea: Busan Indie Connect Festival 2023

As both an exhibitor and visitor at the event, our game designer Kiyoon would love to share details about Busan Indie Connect 2023 and the games that caught his attention.

Ki-yoon Kim
Game Designer

What Does our Art Director Do?

Seokjong Song, the art director, leads artworks of game development team at Sentience. With over 15 years of experience in graphic design, he has created games such as SNG, Racing.

Eunryoung Oh
PR Manager

What Does our Technical Lead Do?

Hyemin Kwon, the Technical Lead/Co-founder of TentuPlay, is responsible for AI modeling and developing the data collection SDK for TentuPlay.

Eunryoung Oh
PR Manager

Interview with Jungwon Hahn: Gaming Industry Insights

Jungwon Hahn, who led EA, Blizzard, and Wargaming, has joined Sentience as an Advisor. He shares insights into the gaming industry through an interview.

Eunryoung Oh
PR Manager

What does a software engineer do?

Hippolyte is the Software Engineer of Sentience. He is an all-rounder who focuses not only on creating the game’s algorithm and server but also game client development.

Yujin Heo
Growth Marketer

A Recap of TentuPlay’s October Activities in Southeast Asia.

Indonesia games work trip to celebrate indonesian’s game success. TentuPlay joins the celebration by introducing Fast Cycle Game operation.

Product Owner

TentuPlay’s unique coding assessment

The TentuPlay development team has created its own coding assessment to assess candidates, and it is quite distinct from other existing tests.

Yujin Heo
Growth Marketer