In May 2024, we visited Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU) for the second event of 'South Pole Bebop at Campus!'. SKKU is a university with a strong educational heritage dating back to the Joseon Dynasty. We had the opportunity to meet with Team Sunbi, a prominent e-sports and board game club at SKKU. Today, we will share the interview with the president of Team Sunbi about the South Pole Bebop tournament.

About Team Sunbi, an E-Sports and Board Game Club at SKKU

Q. Please tell us about your club, Team Sunbi.

‘Team Sunbi' is a prominent e-sports and board game club at SKKU founded in March 2014, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. Initially known for its Hearthstone team, the club has grown significantly, now boasting around 160 active members across two campuses and participating in various gaming activities.

We have achieved notable successes, including reaching the quarterfinals of the 2014 Hearthstone Clan Championship, securing runner-up in 2014, and consecutive championships in 2015 and 2016. Additionally, we have excelled in other competitions such as being the runner-up in the League of Legends University League, securing first place in the campus Overwatch League, and winning the 2022 Mahjong Tournament.

Q. What games do members of Team Sunbi usually enjoy playing?

We enjoy a diverse range of games across different genres. Alongside our regular sessions of 'League of Legends,' we also find it convenient to join online cooperative games that support multiple players. Lately, there’s been a growing interest within ur club for custom StarCraft maps, especially defense-type games. To organize multiplayer sessions, we use our club's chat groups to recruit teammates, which is essential given our large membership, leading to the management of up to four official chat rooms.

In addition to PC games, we also enjoy board games and share our gaming preferences through various activities. Our club room is well-stocked with a diverse selection of board games, making it easy to find fellow players. The accessibility of gaming is one of Team Sunbi's strengths, as there are no constraints on time or space when it comes to enjoying games.

Q. What unique activities does Team Sunbi engage in?

Team Sunbi hosts an event called the 'Sunbi Cup,' an intra-club 'League of Legends tournament' held consistently every semester since its inception. This month-long event is quite large-scale, adopting a league format similar to the LCK (League of Legends Champions Korea). To ensure fairness, team compositions are determined through an auction system, , preserving a level of complexity and tradition. The event concluded just the week before the South Pole Bebop event, ensuring its excitement remained high.

SPB Tournament: Fun that makes you lose track of time!

Q. What motivated you to participate in this event?

It was our first time collaborating with a company for an event like this, and both the management and members responded positively, leading us to decide to participate. With many software engineering students in the club interested in game development, there was great anticipation for the opportunity to play a new game in this event.

Q. What was your first impression of South Pole Bebop?

When I first encountered South Pole Bebop on Steam, its appearance reminded me of a chessboard, which sparked my curiosity about the game's overall look and concept. This was especially appealing to members who enjoy games like 'For the King' or 'Baldur's Gate.’

Q. What strategies did you employ during the tournament?

Upon learning that the victory condition required destroying the main building, I initially considered using a rush strategy. However, the opponent's resistance proved formidable, and progress was not as straightforward as anticipated. Therefore, I decided to change tactics midway and focus on depleting the opponent's character's health first.

Throughout the game, I found myself exploring various strategies beyond simply attacking characters or zombies to gain experience points. This involved utilizing the surrounding terrain and the unique abilities of characters. This allowed me to gradually appreciate the game's depth. I particularly enjoyed the puzzle-like elements such as strategic maneuvering.

Q. How did the members who participated in the event feel about it?

The response from the club's management was very positive, and since this was a new type of event, it was a refreshing and enjoyable experience for the members as well.

On the way home after the event, we shared feedback such as "It was enjoyable to devise much more diverse strategies than expected" and "I participated happily without realizing how quickly time passed." Additionally, some members mentioned that while relics (equipment items) weren't utilized in this event, they believed future additions would enhance the enjoyment.

Oh! I was initially concerned about insufficient laptop charging space during the event, but I was deeply impressed by the enthusiastic sight of members taking their laptops into the hallway just to continue playing. Witnessing members participate with such joy overall made any worries or tension about the event disappear.

Engaging a New Audience

Following the format of our previous HAJE event, this event enabled us to run proceedings even more smoothly based on our prior experience. We gathered valuable insights and honest feedback directly from students on-site, which not only provided suggestions for game improvements but also enriched the overall event experience.

Looking forward, we plan to continue collaborating with various university gaming clubs to further expand South Pole Bebop's reach to new audiences. We're eagerly anticipating our next partnership and are excited to see which clubs we'll collaborate with next! Stay tuned for our upcoming content uploads and keep showing your interest and support.