Sentience Game Studio has been announced as one of the ten finalists for the 'Gamescom Asia Pitch', which is an event hosted by Global Top Round, a global game startup accelerator. Sentience Game Studio is the only Korean game studio to have made it to the final Top 10, and last week, we took part in a pitching event where we aimed to attract potential investors.

A Penguin and a Seal Arrived in Singapore


Mahana the Penguin and Maka the Seal, the members of the animal expedition team of "South Pole Bebop", visited Singapore during the "Gamescom Asia 2023"! Sentience Game Studio showcased our game "South Pole Bebop" at the event held from October 19th to 22nd., but that was not the only reason. We were selected as one of the Top 10 game studios in the "Gamescom Asia Pitch" hosted by Global Top Round, a global game startup accelerator, allowing us to participate in the pitching event, targeting potential investors.

Gamescom Asia Pitch by Global Top Roundgamescom asia pitch_top10

gamescom asia pitch_top10

The Gamescom Asia Pitch provides a platform for discovering “passionate game developers with an innovative idea that's ready to take the gaming world by storm”. It's an excellent opportunity to showcase the appeal of our game to investors worldwide, and also to introduce our talents and entrepreneurial spirit. The pitching event began at 1:00 PM on the first day of the event, which was on October 19th, local time.

gamescom asia pitch top10 studios

Among the top 10 finalists from all over the world, Sentience Game Studio was chosen as the only Korean game studio while JunkFish from Scotland, Vermila Studios from Spain, and Lowkick Studio from the United Arab Emirates were also included. The finalists from Asia include 42Technology and TrueWorld Studios from Singapore, BugBlio Studio and FairPlay Studios from Thailand, and Kaigan Games Entertainment and Kotakoren Games from Malaysia. The jurors included representatives from Plug In Digital, Global Top Round, LightSpeed Studios, and Kepler Interactive.

3 Key Features of 'South Pole Bebop'south pole bebop on stage

south pole bebop on stage

During a pitching event, Sentience showcased the idea of their game, “South Pole Bebop”, and the passion of the development team towards the game. The CEO, Hyeyon Kwon, who has been a speaker at various international game shows, drew attention with her professionalism at this event. Although we cannot share all the details of the pitching, we would like to highlight three key features of 'South Pole Bebop' as well as some other important characteristics.

south pole bebop_pvpve

South Pole Bebop is a story about a group of animals who embark on a journey to save the Antarctic from the effects of climate change. They witness unusual phenomena, such as flowers blooming🌸 and zombies appearing🧟‍♀️ in the ice-covered Antarctic, and decide to team up to solve the problem. The first key feature of this cut but touching game is the "3-way Battle", where players not only compete against each other in PvP battles, but also against AI zombies. Players can directly attack other players or use zombies to attack them.

south pole bebop pitching

The second key feature of South Pole Bebop is a strategic gameplay with simple rule but deep Systems. The game's objective is to destroy all of the opponent's bases or kill all of the opponent’s characters. However, players can use features such as crasher combo system, zombie’s aggro and Range, etc. Additionally, they can employ various play strategies and styles, such as Warrior, Crasher, and Zombiemancer.

south pole bebop_deck building

The final key feature is deck building. You can employ various strategies through the combination of characters categorized by their abilities: melee attack, artillery attack, and ranged attack. And with your own deck building, you can create unique strategies to win the game.

gamescom asia pitch_south pole bebop

The demo version currently available on Steam has gained a lot of attention and enthusiastic support from fans of turn-based strategy, multiplayer, and RPG genres. It's particularly popular among fans of 'Into the Breach' getting supportive DMs from the community. During the Steam Next Fest in last June, the live-streaming video of the demo gameplay recorded a positive response and garnered around 28,000 views according to Steam statistics.

gamescom asia pitch trophy

Furthermore, South Pole Bebop is incorporating the technological expertise and know-how of AI startup Sentience. The team is currently working on AI bot mode and balancing from the production stage, with plans to utilize AI for providing even more dynamic content in the future. The game is undergoing polishing work and is expected to be released in Early Access during the first half of 2024.

For Fun, Fun, and Fun Games!

gamescom asia pitch_photoshoot

The pitching event presented a great opportunity to introduce 'South Pole Bebop' to over 100 partner companies and over 600 publishers/investors affiliated with 'Global Top Round'. It was also a recognition of Sentience Game Studio as a game company with "an innovative idea that is ready to take the gaming world by storm" just like the slogan of the Gamescom Asia Pitch, so we believe that we have taken another step closer to our goal of bringing joy to gamers worldwide. As we continue our journey with Mahana and Maka, we will not forget our initial determination to create a ‘fun game’.

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