Gameshow Review: Experience the excitement of gameshows with TentuPlay. Sabrina, the TentuPlay team lead, and Eunji, the service planner, explore the exciting attractions of G-STAR 2023, the biggest game show in Korea, and share their experiences in this review.


G-STAR, South Korea’s largest game exhibition, was held from November 16th to 19th. Last year, Sentience introduced "South Pole Bebop" at the BTC booth. This time, we participated in the BTB booth to promote Sentience's branding and experienced the vibrant atmosphere on the ground.

BTB Exhibition: More Globalized Networking

This year's BTB hall was composed of an expanded scale of 896 booths, larger than the previous year. Eye-catching large booths from companies such as WEMADE, Smilegate Holdings, Kakao Games, and Pearl Abyss were prominently located at the entrance.

Untitled (12)-2
The prominently set up booth of Smilegate Holdings, grand in scale

With the increased scale, there was also a growth in international booths. Consequently, it was easy to observe a greater number of foreign buyers exploring the BTB exhibition hall and visiting game company booths compared to previous years.

Sentience's booth attracted interest from buyers representing various countries, with a notable focus on those intrigued by Sentience AI. At the BTB booth, Sentience took the opportunity to introduce 'South Pole Bebop' and 'TentuPlay' to potential partners, promoting the brand and expanding its network.

Untitled (13)-2
The CEO of Sentience is engaging in networking at the Sentience booth.

In addition, various conveniences were provided throughout the BTB hall. Business meetings continued even in the lounge areas, contributing to the lively atmosphere of the BTB Exhibition.

Untitled (14)-1
Numerous designated lounge areas also served as makeshift meeting spaces throughout the venue.

BTC Exhibition: Increased Presence of PC and Console Games

The BTC Exhibition, also held on its largest scale this year, offered a diverse experience across Exhibition Hall 1, Exhibition Hall 2, and even outdoor areas. The booths of major gaming companies not only provided visual spectacles due to their size but also showcased elaborate designs. Krafton's 'Dark and Darker' booth was particularly impressive, which created a thematic atmosphere throughout the booth in harmony with the game and enhanced immersion with cosplaying staff.

Untitled (15)-2
The on-site presence of Krafton's 'Dark and Darker' booth.

There was good news for gamers who enjoy Steam or console gaming, as many games that support PC and consoles were prevalent, deviating from the trend where mobile games dominate. Beyond simple support for PC and consoles, there were also cross-platform games that allowed players to freely choose and enjoy the same game on either PC or mobile, such as 'Lost Ark Mobile' introduced by Lost Ark RPG and games from 'Google Play Games.

A new content trend introduced at this year's G-STAR was Virtual YouTubers (hereafter referred to as 'VTubers'). Some booths invited well-known YouTubers to demonstrate games for promotional purposes. At Netmarble's 'Demis Reborn' booth, virtual idol group 'ISEGYE IDOL' members were invited to showcase the game. The popularity was evident with a large audience, resembling a fully occupied auditorium. Additionally, there were booths recruiting or selling merchandise of active VTubers, indicating the growing presence and influence of the VTuber industry.

People observing the gameplay of VTubers.

After party: Enchanted Networking Party

After each day's exhibition concluded, various after-parties were held in a relaxed atmosphere for networking. Among the attended after-parties, Xsolla's networking party was the most impressive. While many after-parties typically take place in bars or pubs, Xsolla's party stood out as it was held at the Haeundae Sea Life Aquarium. The long line forming before the start of the networking party reflected the anticipation and excitement surrounding the event.

Untitled (16)-2
Xsolla Networking Party

Amid the attendance of representatives from various countries, the networking event unfolded in a delightful and mystical atmosphere, with participants enjoying the view of marine life right in front of them.

Untitled (17)-2
Networking Party at Aquarium

As we anticipate the changes in next year's G-STAR…

Despite the mixed reviews fluctuating between criticism and praise based on the exhibitions and operations of each year, We believe G-STAR remains highly anticipated due to its role as a stalwart in the domestic gaming show scene. Even with the absence of Nexon, a regular participant in previous years, and the event being held with somewhat lowered expectations, any disappointment seemed to vanish completely among the attendees, thanks to the diverse array of games showcased.

Contrary to initial concerns about the G-STAR event primarily centering around the BTC Exhibition, Sentience was able to actively engage and participate in the expanded BTB Exhibition, surpassing earlier apprehensions. We look forward to seeing how next year's G-STAR event will evolve and what activities Sentience will engage in within the changing dynamics of the event.

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