* The TentuPlay People series introduces the roles and responsibilities of the staff at TentuPlay (Sentience, Inc.). This time, we met the Analysis Engine Lead!

In our previous post, we had the pleasure of interviewing Insu Gim, Tentuplay’s Research Scientist who is in charge of game data analysis. Today, we would like to introduce you to Sabrina, Tentuplay’s Analysis Engine Lead. She is a full-stack developer with extensive experience in web services and data analysis services.

Let’s learn more about how it is being an analysis engine developer.

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Q. Hi, Sabrina. Can you introduce yourself?

Hello. My name is Sabrina, and I’m in charge of developing TentuPlay’s analysis engine.

Q. What made you decide to become a developer?

I chose computer engineering as my major because I was interested in games and computers. This naturally led to my career as a developer. It has been a great fit, and I feel like it’s my calling in life.

Q. What is your role at TentuPlay?

I am developing the process of data analysis performed by research scientists at TentuPlay (Sentience, Inc.) into a system. I am in charge of TentuPlay’s AI engine and backend development. I facilitate the AI analysis of data collected by TentuPlay’s SDK and make available the results in the form of an AI store. Another system being developed is the AI player.

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Q. What are some ideal qualities of an Analysis Engine Lead?

Simply put, he or she should have a wide range of knowledge and a broad perspective.

The Analysis Engine Lead is expected to understand analysis algorithms used by research scientists, and should consider how to effectively deliver services.

Developers with a solid understanding of the process and underlying algorithms will be able to develop more efficient analysis engines. This does not mean they should know the mathematical theories, but it is helpful to be aware of the goals of each analysis theory, the information being utilized, and the outcomes.

The output of the analysis engine can be seen in the AI in-game store of TentuPlay. The data processed by the analysis engine becomes a part of services when adequate information is provided in an appropriate form. In other words, the Analysis Engine Lead must also take services into account.

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Q. What led you to join the TentuPlay team?

My dream company was one with a global outlook, a team comprised of outstanding and unique individuals, and a rational work culture. An acquaintance recommended TentuPlay (Sentience, Inc.), which to my delight, checked all of my boxes.

Q. I heard you contributed to making a programming test unique to TentuPlay. Were there any difficulties?

The programming test was intended to help recruit more desirable talent. Deciding the format was not that tough, but what I found most challenging was developing questions of the right level of difficulty. They had to be adequately difficult in order for us to assess the candidates.

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Q. How has it been working with those who joined the team after passing the programming test?

The new members have performed even better than they did in the programming test. They have satisfied most of our expectations. The teamwork between old and new members has been excellent.

Q. What is it about TentuPlay’s development team that you are proud of?

We think about how we can work efficiently. We don’t hesitate to raise issues and suggest improvements. Because we all take initiative at work, we have confidence that our team is doing well.

Q. What qualities do you hope to see in your future colleagues?

I’d like to work with people who think rationally about the company’s products and systems, show initiative, and are considerate towards others. These are the qualities I have seen in those currently working at TentuPlay.

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Q. Thank you for participating in this interview. Lastly, what would you like to achieve at TentuPlay?

To fulfill TentuPlay’s goal of creating a new paradigm from game development to operations, I hope to gain more insights and expertise so that I can provide technical support in as many areas as possible.


This brings us to the end of the interview with Sabrina, the Analysis Engine Lead. Developers face many challenges involving emerging technology and unknown errors. It is impressive how they go beyond solving problems, taking innovative approaches to find solutions and opportunities. Thank you for your time, Sabrina. Do look forward to the next post of TentuPlay People! 🤗

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