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Our payment system now enables you to manage subscriptions directly from the console with new features that adhere to updated pricing policies. Discover TentuPlay's updated version.


We have added a new feature that enables you to choose and pay for plans directly through the console. You can register your payment details for the initial transaction and subsequent payments will be automatically processed using the registered method. As a result of the recent updates, users can now effortlessly handle the payment process.

Subscription (4)

Through the newly introduced payment feature, you can experience improved payment experiences and convenience in plan selection. Choose the optimal plan based on your company's scale and required features. [Compare Features by Plan →]

To access the payment method, follow these steps:

  • Go to Billing > Select Plan Details.
  • Or go to Plans

Plan Details

You can access your subscription and payment information, and also make changes to your plan or cancel it within the console as per your requirement. Additionally, you can update the payment methods and contact email associated with your account. Save time and avoid the hassle of contacting the person in charge every time you need to make updates or changes.

Plan Details (1)

Do you need to update your payment information or make changes to your current plan? Here's how.

How to Modify or Cancel Your Plan:

  • If you want to modify or cancel your plan, simply go to Plan Details > Manage. There you can upgrade or request a downgrade of your plan.
  • Keep in mind that if you upgrade your plan, the new plan will take effect immediately. Whereas, if you request a downgrade, the new plan will apply only after your current plan expires.
  • You can also cancel your plan until one day before the next billing date. However, you can continue to use the service until the expiration date of your current plan.

How to Update Your Payment Information:

  • To modify your payment method, go to Payment Method > Edit. You can easily update your registered payment method there.
  • If you want to change your billing email, go to Billing Email > Edit and update it with your new email address.

Data Usage

We have made significant improvements to the existing data usage feature. Now, you can easily monitor your daily data usage and get banner notifications as you approach the data limit. If you require additional MTU and IMS, you can purchase Add-ons services by simply clicking the 'Buy More' button.

Experience the convenience of managing data usage and expanding services quickly with the enhanced feature.

Data Usage
  • The following are some important points to keep in mind:
  • A data usage warning banner will be displayed when you use more than 75% of your monthly prepaid data.
  • If you exhaust more than 90% of your monthly prepaid data, you will receive an email notification about data usage restrictions on the billing email.
Data Usage(2)

To purchase additional Add-ons, you can follow these steps:

  • Go to Billing > Data Usage > Add More
  • Go to Billing > Plan Details > Buy Extra Add-Ons

Please note that Add-ons services are available only for Business plans and above.


  1. Two important updates have been implemented in the latest version of our product.
  2. Organization Time Zone Feature Added:
Org Timzone-1

The new time zone feature for organizations is designed to store date and time data in organization settings and billing functions.

This update allows organizations to set their time zones, resulting in more accurate recording and management of business activities. The billing section benefits significantly from this feature, as users receive precise billing information based on their organization's time zone. This improvement helps to streamline business processes, making them more efficient and seamless.

*Users who signed up before v2.8 can subscribe to a plan after setting the organization time zone in Console > Organization > General Settings > Time Zone by clicking the icon in the upper right corner.

Feature Restrictions Based on Plans:

Feature Restriction (2)

Users have the option to select the most suitable plan based on their company's size and specific requirements. Additionally, they can switch to a different plan based on their desired functionalities.

Also, we have improved the user interface to ensure that you can effortlessly locate and use only the features that are relevant to your plan. This will enhance your productivity by removing any unnecessary functions and allowing you to make changes to your plan with ease.

TentuPlay updates are currently underway. Please stay tuned for the upcoming release!

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