TentuPlay console has undergone a major makeover this spring! In line with the rebranding, we’ve applied a new design and improved usability to enhance work efficiency and achieve goals more quickly through a more intuitive and convenient interface.

Console Home

Introducing the freshly revamped TentuPlay console home. Not only has it become visually cleaner, but we’ve also added several new features to enhance accessibility and usability. Alongside an intuitive project list, you can now easily check the SDK version of each project at a glance.

Additionally the newly added “Notification Center” allows users to conveniently access important notifications all in one place. Whether it’s general announcements or project-specific alerts, don’t miss out on any important notifications!


Our entrée, TentuPlay console, has a new vibrant look and feel! We’ve updated all visual components and focused on clearly displaying information for intuitive user understanding. The left menu has been simplified with icons for easy navigation, while the right side enhances readability for easily grasping important data.

a. Global Menu Bar Improvement

The Global menu bar, previously placed at the top, has been integrated into the menu section along with the project menu. Navigation across all pages now occurs within the left menu section. “Go to Docs” and “Switch Project” are now exposed for immediate access on the menu bar, and the newly revamped “Profile Center” is also configured to allow easy access to necessary settings upon clicking.

b. Chart Design Enhancement

The newly revamped charts are designed to be easily recognizable at a glance and feature a variety of colors to distinguish multiple values. Data information displayed when hovering over the chart is also applied with an easy-to-read design, so be sure to check it out!

c. Calendar UI and Usability Enhancement

We’ve introduced a new calendar UI that allows for quick viewing of latest data on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, and unified the UI for consistent user experience across pages. Additionally, we’ve intuitively modified the part where users had difficulty finding data for the desired period, providing more convenience in data retrieval. With these improvements, users can now quickly and efficiently find and utilize data for their desired periods.

Settings Page Improvement

The settings page is also a crucial point not to be overlooked. In the revamped console, we’ve placed project settings and organization settings in the same location for easy access when needed. Whether it’s profile, project, or organization settings you need, simply click on the Profile Center.

We’ve further improved usability to make managing existing users and permission management pages even easier. Billing pages can be accessed and managed from the organization settings. Plan management, billing management, and data usage have been neatly organized with a clean design.

There are many other areas revamped, but to prevent spoilers, I’ll stop right here! Experience the redesigned console firsthand and explore the newly added convenient features and intuitive design. We’ll continue to provide better service and updates in the future.