Here's the latest update from TentuPlay!

Recently, we've enhanced user convenience with improved authentication and automatic login features. Additionally, we've refined the calendar interface for better usability and made various improvements to UI design and user experience. Explore the newly updated TentuPlay today!

Enhanced User Authentication

“Improved Convenience with Multi-Tab Login”

Your login status now persists across new tabs. Once logged in, your session remains active across multiple tabs for a limited time, enhancing convenience for multitasking users.

“Recent Account Auto-Linking”

Furthermore, your login is now streamlined to a single account. Across different tabs, the most recently used account is automatically logged in, reducing confusion and enhancing the overall user experience.

Improved Calendar Usability

Default Date Display Based on Project Timezone”

The default date on each page now adjusts automatically according to the project's timezone. This improvement ensures users can conveniently access up-to-date aggregated data aligned with the service's timezone, enhancing usability.

Disabling Dates Prior to the Start of Aggregation”

In the updated calendar UI, users can only select dates from the start of aggregation to the most recent aggregation date. This prevents accidental selection of past dates without data, enabling more accurate analysis.

“Default Value Adjustment for Retention Page”

The default date range has been extended from the last 30 to 31 days. Additionally, [Average per Period] and [Daily Retention Rate Trends] data, previously displayed up to D7, are now shown automatically up to D30. This enables users to perform analysis over an extended period.

Other UI Improvements

Component UI Enhancements”

We've refined the project list UI and card component styles, eliminating button shadows for a cleaner design. Further enhancements to various components are expected in the upcoming TentuPlay renewal version.

Inclusion of Instructional Text on Product Page”

Instructional text is now displayed when no purchased items are listed, providing clear guidance to users and enhancing the overall experience.

“Relocation of Close Button in Payment Window”

The close button in the payment window has been moved inside the window for easier access, addressing feedback about difficulty in locating it and improving user accessibility.

Improvement in Currency Report Page Loading”

Loading speed for currency-related data has been significantly improved, with the scroll position remaining stable throughout loading. This ensures a smoother and faster browsing experience for users.

TentuPlay updates are currently underway. Please stay tuned for the upcoming release!

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