On May 4th, TentuPlay hosted a global webinar for game developers titled ‘Game Data A-Z: Personalization is Profitability’.

The webinar was hosted twice, once for the North and South Americans at 9 AM KST (Or 5PM on the west coast) and once for Eurasian developers at 6 PM KST (or 5 PM in Singapore). Both sessions consisted of two talks and a Q&A session.

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You can check out the full webinar video on the TentuPlay YouTube channel!

Session 1: The 28 Faces of the Player

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Rewatch the talk on YouTube.

The first session was hosted by TentuPlay COO Hyeyon Kwon. She began by describing how the motivations and goals for individual players vary and how important it is to make personalized offers via various examples.

Personalization can be achieved through various means such as being based on purchase history or dynamic pricing, but TentuPlay utilizes a methodology of categorizing players based on various personas, thus striving for a more fundamental and specific personalization. The 28 personas based on players’ play style and player motivations were introduced and discussions were expanded to show how through this persona based personalization game developers can increase player enjoyment and increase customer LTV. Further examples of effects of applying personal based personalized offers via TentuPlay were also discussed.

It was an exciting and informative talk that ended with an active Q&A session with both Korean and international individuals in the gaming related industry.

Session 2: Take Care of the Who, What, When, Where, and How. We’ll Take Care of the Why

game data

Rewatch the talk on YouTube.

The second session was hosted by TentuPlay BD Ian Cho. As stated by the title, if developers are able to gather information about what, where, and how users are doing an action, TentuPlay can illuminate why they chose to do that specific action. Cho began by explaining the value of behavioral data and systematically explained what kind of behavioral data can be collected in a game. He continued to explain that by a total analysis of this behavioral data that it is possible to figure out why players make the choices that they make in-game.

Until now, game data was mostly utilized via single events. In comparison, TentuPlay follows the player on their journey chronicling their data in a time series and then analyzes said data via a behavioral economics based AI.

If you are interested in what kind of data should be logged and what methodology to log data then this session is just what you’re looking for. It’s filled with specific and effective tips about data logging and analysis structures while also giving plenty of examples. We highly recommend watching the VOD available on YouTube!

More and more global customers are showing interest and applying TentuPlay. The purpose of hosting an English webinar was to provide information to those who are wondering about applying behavioral data analysis, personalized offer, and increasing profits to not only other Koreans, but also developers in the United States, South America, South East Asia, China, Japan, Russia, etc. We plan on continuing this international discussion and communication. We are grateful for announcer Hyegyung Jung, who smoothly and enthusiastically hosted this year, continuing our cooperation from last year. We are also deeply grateful for everybody who attended our webinar! We will return with better content and solutions again!

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