* The following is a reorganized translation of a post written by an overseas expert.

It is 2020. There are thousands of games at the fingertips of gamers. What should you do to survive in this red ocean?

Along with advertisements, in-app purchases are integral to the profitability of F2P games. They involve a high level of engagement on the part of users and thus demand more effort compared to advertisements. Provided below are four useful teams for making in-app purchase offers that come across to users as irresistible.

1. Priming – Making preparations

Proposing in-app purchases is all about timing. Users willingly purchase items when they believe they are buying them out of need, and not external influences. Before making offers, users must become aware of what they need on their own. In other words, offers should be made only after users experience an event that makes them realize why they need certain items.

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For example, let’s say a user attempts PvP from the start, but continuously loses due to lack of experience. This user will feel the need for items or skills that will increase his/her PvP win rate. As shown in the message on the left, displaying weapon combinations or characters preferred by higher-ranking users is an effective prompt that leads to purchases.

2. Liking - Giving acknowledgment

People have a tendency to like people who like and compliment them. Praise your users. They will like your game if they feel acknowledged. Avoid generic compliments like “Great!” Your compliment should be perfectly timed and user-specific to be meaningful.

users, item, user, feel, purchase, virtual currency, tentuplay

Shown on the right is an in-app purchase offer sent to users who have achieved rapid growth through efficient play. The user is being congratulated based on objective data, such as virtual currency, level-up status, efficiency score, and efficiency grade. Efficiency is an aspect highly regarded by this user, and being acknowledged makes him/her feel proud, satisfied, and confident. This praise should be accompanied by recommendations of items that can help improve efficiency. The user is more likely to develop a strong desire to purchase such items in order to play better and feel more appreciated.

3. Firm and Clear - Integrating a voice of authority

People earn trust when they speak in a firm and clear manner, which gives the impression that they know what they are talking about. To make persuasive purchase offers, you should be clear in explaining why users need certain items, and how they will benefit.

users, item, user, feel, purchase, virtual currency, tentuplay

The message on the left is a rewarded ad offer that contains details on the benefits. It shows the stage that the user is stuck at, items that can help to clear the stage, and the clear rate of each item. The virtual currency needed to acquire the item is specified, and the rewarded ad is proposed as a means of gaining virtual currency.

4. Paradox of Choice - Limiting choices

There is a concept in behavioral economics called “the paradox of choice.” People may give up choosing when presented with too many options or feel less satisfied with their choice. To encourage users in making purchases, you should lessen their burden of choice by identifying adequate items for each user.

users, item, user, feel, purchase, virtual currency, tentuplay

For example, if you know that a certain user is fond of collecting characters, you should recommend two to three packages that are helpful in expanding their character collection. Specify how such packages can help to secure more characters so that users have a foundation to base their decision on. This will make their decision-making easier and less time-consuming.

"Knowing your customers is essential for business"

users, item, user, feel, purchase, virtual currency, tentuplay

If you lack knowledge about your users, all you can do is shout, “Special discount for the gold package! Get it now!” But what if you knew that a user is stuck at Stage 23 and that he only used one ineffective item? You would be able to recommend helpful items for that stage, suggest ways of getting such items (rewarded ads, gold package), and even present justification that makes your recommendation more persuasive. Remember that knowing your customers is essential for business.

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