GDC 2021, Held This Year 7/19~7/23

The world’s largest yearly game developer conference, GDC, will be held online from July 19th to July 23rd. GDC is a place where the world’s experts on game development meet, network, and give and listen to speakers give quality talks about topics covering the entirety of the gaming industry such as programming, design, audio, or business. This year, such as previous years, includes a star studded lineup of game industry experts which includes companies such as Microsoft, NVIDIA, and Autodesk.


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(You can find out more about GDC 2021 here)

TentuPlay, Hosting a GDC Session

Last year, TentuPlay, held a session titled “Developing AI to Motivate Game Players” and will also be presenting at this year’s GDC. This year’s title is “Multi-Model Approach to Hyper-Personalizing Your Game”. While personalized content is already well established in fields such as e-commerce (ex. Amazon) or content providers (ex. Netflix), it is yet to create a stable foothold in the gaming industry as hyper-personalization fitting each and every player is yet to really become commonplace. We believe this will be essential for games in the future. You can learn how TentuPlay utilizes multi-model approaches to identify players and provide personalized offers at our session.

TentuPlay’s session will be held on July 22nd, Thursday from 9:40 to 10:10 AM PST on GDC Channel 22. While it will be early in the morning, Friday in Korea, as a place to network and discuss with game industry experts from all around the world, we hope you can catch the session live! (If you missed it there will be VODs so you can watch at any time!^^)

(Details on TentuPlay’s session can be found here!)

multi-model approach hyper-personalizing your game

<Source: GDC Homepage>

As this year’s GDC is online, the sessions are pre-recorded and edited and then sent to GDC to be broadcasted on time, followed by a live Q&A session. Last week, CEO Hyeyon Kwon finished recording an amazing talk.

We are looking forward to talking with many experts in the gaming industry at GDC next month. We’ll keep you updated with news about our GDC talk month.


* You can find TentuPlay’s session at GDC last year here.