Sentience Got a New US Patent!

Last month, TentuPlay had some exciting news to share. Sentience has acquired a U.S. patent for TentuPlay's AI technology, which is called "Apparatus for generating standardized table for classifying the psychology of a game user and an operation thereof." In simple terms, this technology classifies a user's tendency for a specific game based on the game user's log data, similar to psychological tests that evaluate an individual's personality. With this technology, you can find out what each type of player likes and enjoys, as well as what they dislike and find boring. Sentience has now received recognition from the US Patent and Trademark Office for a total of four technologies by acquiring new US patents.

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Why is a Standardized Psychological Classification Important in Games?

Psychologists who aim to comprehend the human mind focus on studying characteristics that are common to all human beings, irrespective of their nationality, gender, or age. By doing so, they can determine what each individual likes or dislikes based on their personality type. Similar studies can be conducted to understand the minds of game users. If you are a game company or developer who wants to understand the minds of players, you should study the universal characteristics of users that are not affected by nationality and age, as well as the type of game. No matter how unique the game is, people who like customizing their characters will work hard to decorate their characters, and people who like collecting items will collect everything available. Sentience's patents are based on this concept. Sentience's TentuPlay solution classifies users into standardized types, identifies their preferences, and provides tailored solutions to keep them satisfied.

Patents are Essential for Techs with Value

Patents serve as a way to demonstrate technological superiority and reliability. To qualify for a patent, the technology must be usable in industry, not be a previously known technology, and not be easily conceived. Patents not only protect inventors but also play an important role in promoting technological development. By disclosing technologies, they are accumulated, and by using these technologies and paying a fair usage fee, industrial development is achieved. Additionally, granting exclusive rights to patents encourages commercialization and motivates individuals to create new technologies and inventions.

Patents Sentience Acquired

Sentience is proud that we contributes to industrial development by inventing new technologies and acquiring patents. As of May 2024, Sentience holds the following patents.

* This technology automatically recommends content to users, or assists with any difficulties they may encounter during gameplay based on users’ characteristics. We aim to enhance the gaming experience by suggesting content that players might enjoy or by offering appropriate help to prevent them from leaving the game.
** When running digital ads on different platforms, this algorithm determines which channel contributed the most to user conversion.

Sentience’s Technologies and Future Plans

Sentience's technology has been recognized by both the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and the Korean Patent Office for its originality and significance. Acquiring the patent was a challenging process but it will help us not only secure technological superiority but also expand globally. We are committed to researching and providing new and useful technologies to the gaming industry to enhance the gaming experience for players worldwide. Please stay tuned for more updates from Sentience!