Our in-house brand designer, Bryan Jhung, oversees the brand design for Sentience and TentuPlay. Holding a BFA in Advertising Design, he previously served as a digital designer at a creative agency in San Francisco, CA. With valuable experience working with major clients such as Google and YouTube, Bryan now brings his expertise to enhance the brand design for the Sentience and TentuPlay teams.

Sentience X Timeless Design

As the era rapidly changes, our perspectives and concepts of society are also evolving incredibly. Especially in this age of heightened attention to AI, a formless technology aids many in various fields. Sentience is making efforts to present its direction in the gaming industry, along with the question, "What gaming environment can we create with our AI technology?"

The core objective of this rebranding was to integrate Sentience's direction and purpose seamlessly into a new brand that remains relevant in the rapidly changing society with a "timeless design." The aim was to provide customers, including users and developers, with a visually appealing design that reflects their purposes and goals. Simultaneously, the design sought to showcase Sentience's brand proudly in numerous encounters, such as client and partnership meetings.


Interpretation of the Meaning of "Sentience" and Appropriate Design

Efforts were made to go beyond the existing logo and brand that used the word SENTIENCE in typography. The challenge was visually expressing Sentience’s intangible meaning, signifying intuition and sensation.


Firstly, an icon was crafted reminiscent of a sensory spark. This symbolizes the "sparkle" that can create a butterfly effect, unleashing true power. Secondly, inspiration was drawn from the iris of an eye, aiming to convey the mystical and pioneering nature of AI technology. Lastly, by adding directionality, the design aimed to represent the team's goal consciousness, with various ideas converging at the center.


The highlight color was chosen to evoke the aurora, aligning with the mysterious nature of AI technology, akin to the enchanting phenomena of auroras in the natural world.

After the logo and color scheme renewal, Sentience's website, essentially the face of the brand, was also revamped to exude a global and sophisticated appearance. The design focused on clarity and consistency to enhance trust in our technology and products for domestic and international customers.

TentuPlay Also Gets a New Look!

TentuPlay underwent a brand redesign in line with Sentience's representative solution. The goal was to undergo a transformation while maintaining TentuPlay's heritage of reliable brand identity. The brand guidelines for the new TentuPlay, emphasizing the logo, color, and usability improvement, were completed.


The TentuPlay logo took inspiration from a lighthouse, symbolizing its role as a guide and providing insights to gaming partners. Incorporating the alphabet initials (T+P) and adopting a design resembling a lighthouse emitting light, the color was maintained from the previous orange, representing creativity, passion, and adventure to enhance visibility.

Rebranding, It Doesn't End Here

Following the completion of Sentience and TentuPlay rebranding and website redesign, ongoing efforts include applying the new brand image to the TentuPlay console. Work is not limited to brand image replacement but also includes collaborating with the team to enhance usability, such as UX/UI, for customer convenience.

Continuous efforts are planned from a design perspective to activate online social platforms further. Sentience operates various social media platforms, including its website, blog, YouTube, LinkedIn, and newsletters. Recognizing the increasing importance of communication on these platforms, the plan is to align with rapidly changing online trends, providing trendy yet impactful visual content. Please look forward to the upcoming brand design from Sentience!

Renewed Sentience Website

Renewed TentuPlay Website