Fast-cycle Game Operation is developed to help game developers optimize their game operations and create more enjoyable experiences for their users. It is a cycle that consists of four steps: segment, act, analyze, and optimize in one platform, TentuPlay. Its purpose is to enable game developers to optimize their game business model fast and avoid development backlog, which often leads to in-game updates being delayed and buggy. In this blog, join TentuPlay's Keynote Session in Gamescom Asia 2022.

Chapter 1. 1000 Games Releases A Day
Chapter 2. Fast-cycle Game Operation is well-received by international and domestic markets
Chapter 3. The Future of Fast-cycle Game Operation
Chapter 4. Keeping Ahead of The Curve

1,000 Games Releases in A Day

Making sure that users are getting a gaming experience that suits their preferences and behaviors is something that every game developer dreams to do. Numerous sources have confirmed that personalization can generate greater revenue and improve user retention rates 1, 2, 3. With the current trend of over 1,000 game releases per day, game developers are competing fiercely to maintain a strong foothold and seize every opportunity to succeed. Therefore, optimizing game operations has become vital for adding value to the overall game business model, including personalization.

Game developers frequently encounter development backlog, which refers to the accumulation of development work that remains incomplete. This can lead to delayed game updates, bug fixes, and missed opportunities to enhance user engagement. Moreover, creating personalized experiences for users requires significant resources, which can result in missed opportunities and delays in improving the game’s business model. Thus, a more efficient and speedy game operation is essential in today's fast-paced industry.

Follow us as we take you on a fascinating journey, tracking the keynote speech of TentuPlay's CEO, Hyeyon Kwon, at Gamescom Asia 2022 in Singapore last October.

Gamescom Asia 2022

TentuPlay's Keynote in Gamescom Asia 2022

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TentuPlay's Fast-cycle Game Operation in Detail

1. Learn Your Users Behavior

game developers contemplation

Game Developers' Data Management and Analysis Contemplation

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As game developers strive for effective game operation, tracking and analyzing user behavior is crucial. However, with the vast amount of data collected, organizing and utilizing it meaningfully poses a significant challenge. This can result in underutilized or ineffective data analysis, putting developers at risk of falling behind in the competitive market

Hyeyon started the presentation at Gamescom Asia 2022 by emphasizing that data management and analysis should not be confusing, and recommended using the 5W1H approach to find the "why" behind the data by deep-diving into the 4W1H framework. By working backward from the end and identifying Who, What, How, When, and Where data is required, developers can create a roadmap for data integration, storage, and analysis. A structured approach is crucial for game optimization, with data analysis playing a vital role in the process.

TentuPlay 4w1h data analysis
TentuPlay 4w1h data analysis

4W1H Framework on Data Analysis

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2. Test your hypothesis

Interception and optimization of a game based on each individual player and their cohorts are crucial to creating a successful gaming experience. Hyeyon emphasized the significance of identifying player motivations for game optimization and creating an engaging experience by aligning their motivations with gameplay through ongoing testing and experimentation, supported by the analysis of user data.

In her presentation, she cited two examples from different genres, MOBA and RPG. Anantarupa's Lokapala, one of the most popular MOBA games in Indonesia and neighboring countries, understands that its diverse users have varying needs and motivations. To address this, Lokapala tested its experience, items, game design, and pricing to help users select the right items that represent their combat style. Lokapala found more effective methods for improving retention by pairing each character and item with the user's fighting styles, leveraging their behavior data.

Vianogaming lokapala review

Character & Accessories Page User Interface in Anantarupa's Lokapala

< Source: VianoGaming's Lokapala Review >

BigStack's RISE, one of the hottest RPG games in South Korea, has successfully undergone optimization to improve the gaming experience for both their whale and no purchase users. Through a solid insight process, RISE identified the unique user behavior and gameplay of each cohort and personalized the gaming experience accordingly. After extensive testing and confirmation of hypotheses, RISE has increased its playtime and revenue, and was nominated twice in the Google Play Store in 2022 for its unique approach to gameplay.

Bigstack Rise persona message

In-game Message User Interface in BigStack's RISE

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3. See the results

Game developers must prioritize reliable data management and data-driven follow-up to enhance their games. Afterward, they can utilize a quantitative approach to test hypotheses by filtering new "interceptions," helping them make informed decisions about improving the gaming experience for users.

RISE was able to isolate their No Purchase Users and whale users to make the point mentioned in the previous paragraph. They eliminated any noise from other cohorts and focused on experimenting with just these two. Through continuous hypothesis testing, they discovered that no purchase users and whale users require different approaches. Each cohort underwent numerous AB testing, which resulted in completely different user journeys over time. No-purchase users were supported with ads, while whales focused on gameplay.

bigstack rise

BigStack's RISE and TentuPlay's partnership to deliver persona-based in-game messages

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Every game has its unique approach towards its users, yet it's crucial for game developers to comprehend new interceptions and integrate them systematically into the game's operations. A universal and efficient way to do this is through a quantitative approach where game developers measure the "improved" part to validate their hypotheses. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, but what really matters is how game developers can keep track and persistently improve.

4. If it works, apply it to your games

After conducting data-driven testing, the next phase is to implement the newly developed hypotheses into the game's overall design. The main challenge is to integrate these changes smoothly into the gameplay without causing any negative impacts on the user experience or disrupting the game's balance. It's essential for game developers to test the changes thoroughly and collect users’ perceptions to determine the effectiveness of the new optimizations. Successful changes can be applied to the selected segment or the entire users, while any unsuccessful ones require further investigation in the next cycle to identify the root cause and create challenge hypotheses to overcome the obstacles.

TentuPlay's targeted hypothesis testing enables developers to test specific segments before rolling out changes to all users, ensuring that changes are effective and positively impact the overall user experience. TentuPlay's innovative engineering offers a faster solution for game developers. With real-time data sync and seamless integration, developers can easily analyze and segment users, take action, and review results without extensive development.

TentuPlay Custom Segmentation

TentuPlay’s Custom Segmentation helps game developers effectively pinpoint users’ properties and make a new segment easily.

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With an unwavering growth mindset, game testing is an infinite journey, driven by the ever-evolving demand for captivating gameplay. However, the challenge lies in finding ways to optimize the game more efficiently without sacrificing accuracy. To achieve this goal, game developers can focus on streamlining the testing process and implementing tools that can automate certain tasks. By doing so, developers can reduce the time and effort required for testing while still ensuring that the game is optimized for the best possible user experience.

TentuPlay Can Make it Faster

Fast Cycle

TentuPlay’s Custom Segmentation helps game developers effectively pinpoint users’ properties and make a new segment easily.

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TentuPlay provides game developers with a single platform that streamlines the entire game operation cycle efficiently, tackling challenges such as resource and development speed. TentuPlay's advanced SDK ensures swift and seamless integration, reducing data silos and technical bugs. Developers can leverage TentuPlay's range of "interception" options, such as personalization and A/B testing, to optimize their games and improve performance directly from the source. By utilizing TentuPlay's technology and features, game developers can quickly and easily fine-tune their gameplay, game-level design, messaging, and more. TentuPlay's targeted hypothesis testing enables developers to test specific segments before rolling out changes to all users, ensuring that changes are effective and positively impact the overall user experience.

TentuPlay's platform is equipped with advanced technology that allows for faster game operation cycle. With seamless integration and the latest AI machines, TentuPlay can take the data analysis and optimization to the next level. Fast-cycle Game Operation can be applied across different platforms in any genre without requiring any development efforts. This has been a game-changer in South Korea in 2022, with big-name customers like Netmarble, Thumbage, and Treenod. On average, TentuPlay’s client have reported an impressive 88% increase in retention and a 94% increase on average in IAP conversion rates. By embracing a growth mindset and investing in tools and technologies that facilitate rapid optimization, game developers can stay ahead of the competition and continue to deliver engaging, high-quality gaming experiences to their users.

Keeping Ahead of the Curve

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